Episode 22

Sidewalks and AirTags


24 May 2021

54 mins 42 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

The news of the week includes discussion about some changes to Amazon's home devices including Echo and Ring with the activation of their Sidewalk Network on all those devices by default and the potential for both ubiquitous connectivity for IoT devices, and the possibiity of abuse of the data that is seen . Brian, Erik and Dan also talk about the impact that the launch of the new Apple Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) program which asks users if they want to be tracked (spoiler alert: they very much do not). This will impact ads and apps that depends on ads pretty heartily, and we debate the pros and cons. Enter the data lakes (troves of data just waiting to be mined by companies to find "interesting things" (or targets for attackers).

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