Episode 37



29 March 2022

1 hr 5 mins 36 secs

Season 3

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Recently, Brian, Dan and Erik had the great fortune to do a live version of the podcast at the monthly meeting of the SIM Detroit Chapter (https://chapter.simnet.org/detroit/home). At the close of that discussion, the comment was raised as to whether or not security should be used as a competitive advantage by businesses. The topic seemed perfect for The Great Security Debate, so here we are. In this episode, we cover:

  • Can security be used as a business differentiator?
  • SHOULD security be used as a business differentiator?
  • If security is added too deeply into the sales cycle does it incentivise the wrong behaviours just to make a sale?
  • How can we quantify the value of security in the purchasing process when it is not easily attributable to direct cost saving or value?
  • How do closed systems compare to open systems with regard to security?
  • How does the rise of customer trust as a key organisational focus indicate the use of security as a business differentiator?
  • Do the fears that using security as a differentiator means that the collaborative nature and history of security will disappear?

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