Brian Schneble is a security professional and community leader who assists both public and private enterprises of various sizes, to integrate security processes/systems within their organizations to defend potential threats as well as “actors” in today’s highly technical and advanced cyber environment.

Before beginning a career in cybersecurity, Brian worked over 15 years in the automotive manufacturing industry, leading advanced engineering teams and was the Director of Sales in North America for one of the largest original equipment (OE) suppliers globally. After a successful career helping grow the artificial intelligence (AI) Autonomy and Electrification business units and rallying the community and industry leaders around the transformation of Detroit, Brian is now focused on applying the lessons of machine learning, AI and behavioral engines to the cybersecurity business.

Brian also has a passion for cooking and has been a competitor and finalist on MasterChef and the “F” Word with Gordon Ramsey. He also enjoys lots of “backyard fun” with his family and friends, as well as gardening and boating during the summer months in MI.

Brian Schneble has hosted four Episodes.